Get the most out of Paddies 6/1 Cue Card Offer

Paddy Power have enhanced the chances of Cue Card (a heavy odds-on shot) winning the Ascot Chase on Saturday to 6/1.

As with all these types of offers they seem too good to be true – mostly they are…. but, if you haven’t got a Paddy Power account then this could be your lucky day as we’re about to advise you step-by-step on how to profit from this enhanced offer.

First of all, we’re of the opinion that Cue Card will get beat on Saturday. He’s getting on a bit now and he’s record going right-handed is attiroious at the top level.

This “matched betting” tactic we’re using this weekend will bring big profit if he does get beat but has the safety net of being risk free as you’re assured to get £60 in free bets plus your original stake bet even if he does win the race.

  • To put it simply, if Cue Card gets beat, you’ll win £120.
  • But even if Cue Card wins, you’ll break even (£60 worth of free bets plus your stake back).

To get involved in this no-lose way of following Cue Card, you’ll also need a Betfair account in order to do some small-time trading on the exchange and need to lay out £75, which is largely risk-free.

Confused? Want to know more?

Here’s our advice to take advantage of the offer in the best way possible on Saturday.

1. Sign up for a Paddy Power account here. Make your first deposit of £10 into your account. Go find the Ascot Chase market (3.35 Ascot, Saturday).

2. Once there, back Cue Card at the advertised odds – make sure you click on the price available which is going be around the 4/9 mark. Stake your £10 on Cue Card to win the race. Paddy Power won’t make it clear you’re backing it at 6/1 but rest assured they will pay out on those odds if Cue Card wins.

3. Sign up to Betfair here and head to the betting exchange site. The first thing to note is to not be confused by the layout and the array of options. We’ll guide you through the process.

4. Deposit £65 into your Betfair account – remember, this is a relatively risk-free process, so you’re ahead of the market no matter what happens in the race.

5. Find the Ascot Chase market and click the number on the lay side on Cue Card. The lay side will be highlighted in a light red.

The odds advertised will be around the 1.50 mark. Click the price which is furthest left in the lay column and a bet slip will open.

6. In the backer’s stake column put £120 into the box and your liability (how much you’re risking to lose) will appear in the next box. The price will determine how much you’ll liability will be so play around the stake size until your liability is £65 or something within a few pennies. Hit Place Bet.

Once your bets are on, you how two outcomes.

CUE CARD LOSES: Your Betfair account will have around £120 profit sitting in there – that’s not including your £65 stake.

CUE CARD WINS: Your Paddy Power account will have £60 worth of free bets for you to try and turn into profit, plus you’ll have £14.50-ish worth of cash.

Good luck!

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